Charter Yachts Australia want to ensure you that your health and safety is of paramount importance when you charter with us. Our COVID-19 policy has the CYA team following the guidelines recommended by the Queensland Health Department and Safe Work Australia, and utilising COVID-19 grade cleaning products throughout our offices and all our vessels.

Our aim is for you and your crew to have a wonderful Whitsunday Island holiday aboard one of our superbly appointed boats.

Our Vessels

Charter Yachts Australia vessels are thoroughly cleaned prior to Charters

• Each vessel in our fleet is cleaned and disinfected with COVID-19 grade cleaning products (Biodet QT Sanitiser).

• Vessels are prepared 24 hours in advance (when available).

• Each vessel will be equipped with sanitising wipes.

• Linen is cleaned locally by professional laundromats before being returned to our facility. Right before each charter, our detailing team respectfully places the required linen on board for you to prepare the bedding.

Your Charter

• All charterers are to please report if they are feeling any virus symptoms and to follow all recommended guidelines.

• Most of all we ask that you, and your crew members, to have a wonderful time on your charter knowing that all safety measures are in place. If you have any questions regarding your booking please do not hesitate to contact us on 1800 689 520. Happy sailing!