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Yaminda Seawind 1160 Sailing Catamaran

“Yaminda” Seawind 1160 Sailing Catamaran“Yaminda” Seawind 1160 Sailing Catamaran“Yaminda” Seawind 1160 Sailing Catamaran“Yaminda” Seawind 1160 Sailing Catamaran“Yaminda” Seawind 1160 Sailing Catamaran
8 people
3 cabins
2 showers
2 toilets

About Yaminda

Yaminda was launched in mid 2010. This bareboat sailing catamaran’s innovative design is still winning awards which include the prestigious “Australian Sailboat of the Year” along with most recent as “Best Multihull” in the USA.

Unique tri-fold doors stow securely into the cockpit targa roof creating a splendid indoor outdoor area. The luxurious saloon has full headroom, 360 degree visibility plus forward opening windows for exceptional airflow. The well planned galley has huge fridge, freezer, workbench and storage areas. There is also extra solar power with lithium batteries onboard.

There are 3 private cabins including two queen berths, one with a small child berth and one with an ensuite plus the saloon table which converts to a large double bed. The spacious main bathroom has a fully enclosed shower stall. This bareboat charter catamaran practically sails itself. Enjoy sailing the Whitsundays on this boat, which can comfortably accommodate 6-8 crew.

Reviews of Yaminda

5 out of 5


Dear Annie, John and the CYA crew,
Well, I am sitting here at the computer after confirming my flight on to go back to work tomorrow : Qantas are promoting the Whitsundays and Hamilton Island and I just had to have a look and now I wish that I hadn’t!!
I can’t explain it, but I actually get teary when thinking about our wonderful trip. It is quite bizarre and both Sal and I have said the same. We have never come home from a holiday with such an extraordinarill deep and strong emotional tie to the experience. I have visited many countries around the world and I do not believe that anywhere can beat the Whitsunday bare boat experience, it is the holiday that we have dreamt of but didn’t think existed and our thanks go to Timbo for finally convincing us to go!.
As I said last year, there is little that can compare to the excitement and anticipation of driving around that final bend where the Marina comes in to view…it is just sensational. The anticipation continues to build as we greet the wonderful CYA crew and then walk down the to the Marina where Yaminda is sitting smiling and sparkling in the beautiful azure blue water in readiness to take us away to our dream! And it must be a dream because reality cannot be so perfect.

We fished (Tim hooked a Marlin and with an almighty leap and splash, he was gone, not Tim, the Marlin!), we laughed, we swam and we snorkelled for the first time at the Pinnacles, we played cricket on the beach at Chance and of course witnessed the engagement of Tim to Lisa on the Chalkies beach. It could not have been scripted better, the weather was perfect,there was not another soul on the beach and as the sun was beginning to set, Tim dropped to one knee and proposed, geez i’m getting teary again!!
We caught Tuna, spotted Mackerel and many reef fish. Only one ended up on the plate, we released all others! We sailed for miles down to Shaw Island and back to Hayman circum navigating North and South twice whilst visiting our favourite places that includes Chance Bay, Chalkies and Hill Inlet and Betty’s Beach.
And now we have more wonderful memories to reflect on as we begin to wake from our dream and prepare for our ‘other’ life.
I guess we shouldn’t feel sad as we have experienced (for the fourth time) the magic of the Whitsundays and guys, do you know what the the very best bit is…………its only 350 days to go to next trip!!!!
All our love,
Darren, Sally, Tim and Lisa.

5 out of 5


To our Dear CYA Family,
Well, here we are again in somewhat stunned disbelief that after months of planning and anticipation, our much loved holiday is over and we are back home.
Whilst it is true as Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz, “there is no place like home”, it is also true that there is no place like paradise either and the Whitsundays is paradise!
There can be few sights in the world that exceed the sheer beauty of the one that awaits as you approach the crest of the hill above Shingley Beach and then witness the surreal panorama of the Whitsundays as they come into view and one becomes seduced by the mesmerising colour of the Coral Sea and then you know that you are ‘home’ once again.
As we alight from the car, the embracing warmth of a Whitsunday day is matched only by the hugs from Annie, John and our CYA family.
On this trip, (our sixth on Yaminda), our best friends Tim and Lisa were unable to travel with us due to personal reasons. Whilst we were sad that they were not with us to share the dream, it did provide an opportunity for our youngest (Ashton) and oldest (Daniel) and his girlfriend (Chloe) to come and experience what we rave about for 356 days every year!
So, like children at Christmas, we excitedly walked down the Marina to greet ‘Mindy’ (Yaminda) who was patiently awaiting our arrival. She looked as beautiful as ever (the CYA crew keep her in ‘ship shape’ and looking as good as she did 6 years ago!) and we all jumped aboard to give her a hug. We unpacked our gear and supplies (on a 2:1 liquid to solid basis as it is hot out there) and headed to Sorrento’s for a well-earned drink, a delicious meal accompanied by great music (even had an acoustic version of a Metallica’s “Nothing else matters” much to our delight) and then a restful night’s sleep on Yaminda before setting sail in the morning.
After our briefing (by the ‘Admiral’ himself, John) we instructed “James” (the auto helm) to set forth for Stonehaven and we clicked our heels and like Dorothy in ‘Oz”, we were off into our dream.
Despite the ‘southerly buster’ that blew through the night, we were safely protected by Hook Island and the next day, we headed out for a sail and down to Cid Harbour for a wonderful stop over.
We fished, laughed and sailed around to Tongue Bay the next day but when the wind is from the East, Tongue rolls like a beast! So the following day we headed back to Cid via ‘Hamo’ for a few supplies. We travelled many miles trying to pick up an elusive Marlin or even a Tuna or Spanish Mack’ but other than a very small Marlin which we lost at the Stern, we had little luck.
However, this is when our luck turned. Arriving back in Cid Harbour, we encountered some anchor problems and after a radio call for assistance, a ‘Salty Sea Dog named “Jim” came to our rescue. We thanked Jim for his help (with a beer) and were just settling in when a dingy from another boat began approaching us. And as it neared our boat I can remember thinking that they were getting a bit close, but never mind, they were just having a look around and I dismissed them. The next minute, a voice from the dinghy angrily calls out and I look up to see two strangers with flowing black hair abusing us about not anchoring near them. I was just about to politely ask them to @#$% off, when they yell ‘surprise’ and pull off their wigs! And who should it be but Tim and Lisa!! Well, we all stood in absolute shock and disbelief and were speechless. As the tears flowed (and here I go at the key board) and the hugs began, we still could not speak. It was like a dream and I waited to awake but it was real! They had master minded the secret over several months and how they kept it I will never know as we spoke with them weekly during this time! What a wonderful surprise. Well, as you can imagine, we laughed and talked and celebrated well into the night.
Next day we were off to Chalkies to relive the engagement of Tim and Lisa on that stunning beach (much better than Whitehaven for my money).
The following day the wind Gods were not on our side so this year and we could not get into Chance Bay which is our other favourite spot (maybe next year!). So instead we sailed and laughed and fished and told stories for several more days until alas it was time to return to ‘Kansas’.
After a slap up breakfast of sausages, hash browns, omelette and bacon in Cid Harbour with Tim and Lisa, followed again by much sadness and more tears (gee we seem to cry a lot!), we set sail back to the mainland waving to Tim and Lisa whilst watching Cid Harbour fade in to the distance like our dream as it inexorably moved toward its end.
Rounding Pioneer Rocks we dutifully called CYA and stubbornly approached the Marina.
As we pulled alongside, the reality set in and as we begrudgingly removed our gear from Yaminda, gave her a final kiss for this trip and slowly sauntered back to the office, I reflected on yet another wonderful experience.
During this long walk, I couldn’t help but sense the excitement of others as I looked at their faces and could see the joy in their eyes as they eagerly put their equipment on their boat to begin their very own ‘dream’!
As Captain Bates said “these islands nestled in the Coral Sea are indeed paradise on Earth”. Its sheer beauty is unrivalled by anything else in the world and it is on our front door and you would be mad to try and find better anywhere else.
Thankfully Daniel, Chloe and Ashton felt the same way and said it was exactly as we described and the holiday exceeded their expectation.
Oh, and just when we thought our holiday had taken a turn for the worse (I left the fishing rods standing at the front of the shops and didn’t realise until something woke me at 3am when I realised that they were missing), CYA came to the rescue. Paddy had seen them and stored them safely in the office over night! Thanks mate!
So, thankyou once again guys for bringing our dream to reality! And now we once again begin our countdown with just 355 sleeps to go until we dream again. See you next year!
Love from,
Darren, Sally, Daniel, Ashton, Chloe and of course Tim and Lisa (alias Roola and Jim!)

5 out of 5


What a fantastic holiday…I was almost emotional to say goodbye to Yaminda our home for the last 2 weeks.

What a wonderful boat. We will definitely book her for our next adventure. She is comfortable and fast. An absolute dream to handle and she really sails well.

We had South Easter winds for the first week. After an excellent thorough brief from Edward on the first day we set sail for Nara inlet. We enjoyed the hike to the cave and rock paintings. It was lovely paddling to the waterfall. It was flowing beautifully. We were mesmerised watching the fresh water fish in the ponds below the waterfall, The sunset barbecue on board was great and we realised quickly that we had traded the rat race for paradise. The next morning we had 2 cockatoos pop in for breakfast. They were beautiful and relaxed in our company.

On our second day we set sail for Cataran Bay on Border Island via the Hook Strait. The Hook Strait is absolutely beautiful. We entered it as the tide was going out being rewarded with enough ground speed to motor at low revs. After clearing Hook Strait we hoisted the main and unfurled the jib for a lovely fast reach to Border Island. Yaminda has an electric winch making easy work of hoisting the main. With 11 knots of wind we averaged 7 knots reaching 8 knots at times. We picked up a bouy in Cateran Bay. At sunset we joined my brother Anton and family for a lovely family barbeque on Michief.

Day 3 we sailed on a broad reach to Butterfly Bay. All the moorings were taken in Manta Ray Bay and Maureen’s Bay. We thus went straight to Butterfly Bay and were rewarded with a great mooring deep in the Bay. We snorkeled and on returning we were greeted by 6 huge Batfish begging to be fed off the stern. It was great watching these beautiful tame fish. They would suck your toes and fingers if put in the water.

Day 4 we rounded Hayman Island and moored at Langford Island. A turtle surfaced next to the boat as we were mooring. It was a very hot day so we all jumped into the water and snorkeled on some bommies off our stern. 4 Batfish came to greet us swimming amongst us. As it was low tide we loved walking the virgin sand spit to Langford Island. Absolutely beautiful. We spent the night moored in Stonehaven. The sunset is stunning in this anchorage.

Day 5 the wind had turned to a North westerly and we had a lovely broad reach sail down to Hamilton Island. We entered the marina at 11 and fetched our golf buggy we had booked overnight. We spent the day at one of the hotel pools and went up to the one tree hill viewpoint bar for sun-downer cocktails. The evening we treated ourselves to a lovely meal at Manta Ray restaurant in the company of the Mischief crew.

Day 6 we filled up with water and diesel. Yaminda is so easy to manoeuvre in the confined space of the marina. We set sail to Chance Bay in a stiff North westerly where we anchored for the night. The snorkelling in this Bay was excellent. We had a bottle of chilled Rose wine on the beach enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Day 7 we raised anchor and motored around to the famous Whitehaven beach. On a lee shore we anchored and used the inflatable to the beach. It was lovely hiking to the viewpoint and we were rewarded with a stunning view over Chance Bay and Lindeman Island in the distance. We watched a huge Goanna for a long time. It seemed to be use to people and was beautiful. When the commercial boats arrived with all the crowds we weighed anchor and made our way back to the protected Northerly anchorage of Chance Bay for the evening. We barbecued every night and had the left overs for lunch the next day. It made for easy catering.

Day 8 we motor sailed into the Northerly wind back to the North of Hook Island as we wanted to dive Manta Ray Bay which we couldn’t do in the first week. It was well worth it as we were rewarded with great diving and plenty of moorings. It was like snorkelling in our own aquarium off the stern of Yaminda. We floated a rope off the stern and just all hung onto it mesmerised and being in a different world. It is the first time that we had so many beautiful fish around us that we had to push them away to see more. We were surrounded in a cloud of fish which is denser than a school of fish. We were entertained by a juvenile King fish and a huge wrasse. It was lovely touching the fish as they curiously glided by. That evening we moored in Butterfly Bay with Mischief and Rockstar for company. CYA vessels owned the Bay that night as the Northerlies were still blowing. Butterfly Bay is safe in a Northerly but you must be prepared for a bit more roll and movement during the night. We had a full day and were rocked to sleep.

Day 9 we had a great broad reach sail to Macona Inlet. The boat really surfs well down the Northerly swells. We were treated to a beautiful entrance into a great inlet. It was a shallow narrow entrance at 3 metres but stunning. We motored deep into the inlet and anchored in a sandy spot amongst 3 other boats. That afternoon we noticed thunderstorm clouds building up and were treated to a spectacular performance by nature. The wind swung to the South and we were pelted with thick rain. We just all stood on deck in the rain. It was beautiful. As the sun had set we watched the lightning streaking through the sky. Many boats entered the inlet to seek shelter before the storm was unleashed. We always prepared enough room for wind shifts when anchoring. Anchoring needs to be planned for all eventualities especially in Northerly winds as the wind shifts South when thunderstorms appear.

Day 10 we went for a long paddle early at sunrise. It was beautiful and the bird life sounds were loud from the forrest’s. We watched Kingfishers fishing and the stingrays and sand sharks lazing near the beaches. We saw a turtle raising its head to breath amongst the mangroves. After a sumptuous breakfast of bacon and eggs on the barbecue with fruit and marinaded chicken wings from the previous evenings, we sadly raised anchor to Abell Point Marina. Sam greeted us at the entrance to the marina and assisted us with refuelling and Bberthing. He was really interesting to chat to and we enjoyed his debriefing. That night we had a great meal and plenty of drinks at the Sorrento Restaurant with the crew of Mischief.

Day 11 we prepared the boat for handover. After saying our goodbyes to the CYA family we made our way by ferry to Hamilton where we boarded a flight back to Melbourne.

I can’t compliment CYA enough for the great family holiday they provided us. They assisted us every step of the way and they were great. Yaminda was fully prepared, ready and clean when we arrived. It was worth it booking to move on board the night before our charter was to commence and booking into the Marina for the last night. It made the transition from our stressful lives to cruise mode easier and gradual.

We are left with many happy memories and look forward to returning.

Fond regards from Tj, Judy, Ryan and Conner Beens

5 out of 5


We had the pleasure of a week aboard Yaminda in September. She handled our crew of 3 adults and 3 kids under 10 superbly. Fridge and freezer space was plenty and there was room to spare. A separate shower made bath time easy for the kids. CYA made the whole experience fantastic from our initial enquiry through to our farewell. Can’t wait to come back!

5 out of 5


Thanks to CYA for our charter of Yaminda. This was our first experience of a Catamaran and the Whitsundays. We found that CYA prepared Yaminda ready to step straight on with everything in great condition.
From being greeted by John as we stepped off the airport bus, to the friendliness and professionalism of all the operations team and office staff, we knew we were in good hands. The briefing gave us a clear understanding of Yaminda and the CYA operations and where we could go.
We were unfortunate with the weather, as it was blowing 25+knts and raining each day, but this did not dampen our enjoyment, just stopped us getting to Whitehaven and Butterfly Bay.
We are now planning on our next trip and if we are back to Whitsunday will certainly be going with CYA again.

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