Col & Viv

After two years we arrived back in Airlie Beach for another adventure.Crew this time daughter, son in-law and two grand children 14 and 12 years old.We had waited till the girls were old enough to appreciate the experience. That they did. They swam with turtles, millions of fish small and large, coral both soft and hard. Some of the sponge coral in Tongue Bay is as good as it gets.

At Blue Pearl Bay off Hayman Island (“Oscar” big rass fish) constantly swam in front of the kids waiting to be photographed Another first this trip , sitting quietly enjoying a glass of wine watching the sun set after another day in paradise right beside the boat a dugong surfaced and just swam silently by. (if a dugong surfacing and exhaling in preparation for the next breath can be regarded as quiet).

Viv and I have chartered in the Whitsundays for the past 10 years always bringing new people to enjoy our experience, and never have any gone away disappointed. Annie and John (Charter Yachts Aust owners) have become great friends over the years and have assembled a fabulous team of experienced and caring people you should call CHARTER YACHTS AUSTRALIA staff but they are more like special people dedicated to ensuring anyone that comes to the Whitsundays takes part in a great experience & takes away unforgettable memories. The teams attention to detail is evident in all that you see. The boats are maintained spot on, when you return you are asked if their was any problem with the boat or the gear.

If there was I’ll bet it is fixed the next day .To Annie, John and all the great people at Charter Yachts Australia thank you for another unforgettable experience sailing in the greatest play ground in Australia. ( Some say there IS better but this is AUSTRALIA .

It’s ours so why not enjoy it. See ya out there sometime.

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