Paul Brian-Boys

What a fantastic experience through a great company on a superb sailing catamaran! I cannot recommend this enough to anyone toying with the idea, even if all your crew are inexperienced landlubbers!

The yacht Yaminda was laid out so in such a clever way that she could be very easily sailed single handedly including reefing the main, jibing and even anchoring. The actual layout of the cat meant that we had a usable aft deck of more than 150 square feet which was great for the kids, wonderful for cocktail hour and overcame the normal problem with yachts of tripping over each other in limited space. I was really impressed!

In terms of the Charter Yachts Australia as a company to deal with, I have had a very positive experience and can say that they genuinely make every possible effort to provide the best service they can and in this regard they are way above their european competitors in the med. Well done guys!

If you are reading this and are based in the UK, I would be happy to chat with you on the phone about our experience and the very few extra things that in hindsight we would do differently. In a nutshell, my advice will be to go ahead and book as your family will absolutely love this!

Thanks Charter Yachts Australia for a great holiday.

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