“Yaminda” October 2017

Good afternoon Annie and the CYA Crew,

Well we have been back in ‘Kansas’ for a week now returning to the normality of our lives that dominate 50 of the 52 weeks each year!

Like Dorothy, for 2 weeks each year, we click our heels and Yaminda transports us away to a special place, far far away from the daily norm. They call it the Whitsundays. An interesting name that may be more accurately termed the ‘Foreversundays’!

It remains a place where time is meaningless and simply unimportant other than 8.25am and 4.05pm for the scheds. It is a place where the soothing warmth of the sun re-energises the spirit, the sea breeze wafts away the troubles of the norm and the hypnotic azure blue waters swirl in front your eyes as you drink the serenity and beauty of Chance Bay or Chalkies Beach. Why would we be anywhere else in the world? It is just perfection and whilst there are many beautiful places in the world, this one is at home and you cant beat that.

We again laughed, sang, swam, snorkelled, sailed and fished and may even of had a glass of wine or two (or three or four………oh who is counting we were on holiday!).

We visited our favourite places that include Chance Bay and of course Chalkies where 12 months ago, Tim dropped to one knee and proposed to Lisa. This time they triumphantly returned to Chalkies as a married couple, in love and as soul mates. Tim really does love his ‘cheese and crackers’! It was marvellous to share their honeymoon and whilst some may think this odd, we couldn’t think of a better way to spend time in the ‘Foreversundays’.

We visited Lindeman to see if there has been any progress and were treated to a spectacular lighting storm in the evening. The rain came down and we sat and marvelled at natures show. We have since renamed Plantation Bay to Storm Bay as that is the second time that a storm has hit when we have been down there.

We have also been honing our fishing techniques over the past 5 years and this year we were rewarded with two particularly fantastic fish. Tim hooked up on a magnificent GT and I had the fight of my life with a Spanish Mackerel who tried to remove my left arm by pulling it out of my shoulder. I was exhausted!

But all to soon our time was up and we headed for Pioneer rock. Leaving Chalkies at 6.30am we wanted plenty of time to be back by 1pm. However, the wind gods were with us and a magnificent 15 to 20 knot South Easter had our sails full and slicing through the waves and across the passage at a steady 8 knots. Needless to say we made good time and I think upset the order of arrivals back at the Marina. Sorry John!

We decided to ‘transition’ from Airlie time to normal time by staying in town for our last night. Annie recommended the Coral Sea resort and it exceeded our expectations! Just a beautiful place, immaculately maintained and great staff. Will definitely go back.

Anway, I have rambled long enough so thankyou once again CYA for enabling our adventure to ‘Oz’. We have many wonderful photographs (some are attached), fabulous memories and another experience to feast on for another 50 weeks!

Our very best wishes and many thanks and hugs to the CYA crew and of course the beautiful Yaminda.

Love from,

Darren, Sally, Tim and Lisa

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