Stonehaven – Anchorage No2

Stonehaven Anchorage
Kayaking around Anchor Point with yachts moored in South Stonehaven in the background (Hook Island)

Description The Southern Half of Stonehaven: Stonehaven requires particular vigilance because of the extensive fringing reefs of Langford, Black and Hayman Islands. Use extreme caution when navigating this area! This is a motor only area! Anchoring is possible outside the moorings although deep, just of Anchor Point you will find a depth of 8-10 meters, the holding is good although a little exposed to -Bullets- in fresh South-East winds.
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Shelter In North-East to South
Moorings Yes there are three moorings available, the two moorings to the south are NOT to used because of the reef surrounding them. More than one yacht has found the coral edges here over the years!
Snorkelling None
Diving None
Fishing Yes (Yellow Zone) Conservation Park
Things of Interest Stonehaven is a calm and scenic anchorage, enjoy the amazing sunsets over the Whitsunday Passage. Stonehaven is a great overnight anchorage in close proximity to the best snorkelling locations in the area. After rain there are many big waterfalls. Also See Stonehaven Anchorage 1