Sailing a bareboat around Queensland’s majestic Whitsunday Islands is surprisingly easy. To enjoy your bareboat charter you don’t need any sort of boat license, just some basic boating experience, a keen sense of adventure, and:

  • Basic coastal navigation (know how to plot a course using a chart & compass)
  • If you wish to use sails, some prior sail handling and understanding is recommended
  • A willingness to learn if you’re a novice

Additional Training and Tuition on the Day

If you think you need a bit more tuition, or just a refresher to touch up on those boating skills, then we highly recommend organising a sail guide.  Following your brief, continue on with your guide, delving into more detail about whatever you would like more assistance with, be it:

  • Sailing practice
  • Navigation
  • Boat handling & maneuvering.

And don’t worry, it won’t hold your charter up. Your guide will head out with you then disembark at Coral Sea Marina allowing you to continue on to your first night anchorage.

Rates & Conditions

  • 2 hour sail guide – $120
  • It is recommended to start your brief at 8:00am allowing time for both brief and tuition to be completed in the same day.
  • Split day brief and tuition may incur additional fees.

Sailing a bareboat is easy. Man a the helm of a Yacht

Skippered & Crewed Options

If you’d prefer to sit back and relax and let someone else take care of getting you around the 74 islands then consider taking one of our experienced local sail guides for your charter.Tell me more about crewed charters