Now you’ve picked a boat, arranged some friends to join you, chosen your dates and booked your dream sailing holiday take a moment to relax, but don’t cool your heels for too long, there are still a few things to organise …

Itinerary Planning: What to See?

Planning a sailing itinerary

One of the most exciting things about your pre-charter plans is thinking about all the amazing places the Whitsundays has to offer, which you’ll get to discover! That said, we try not to encourage planning itineraries too far in advance, as so much of where you go will be subject to the current weather conditions (mother natures way of reminding us you’re on her watch while on charter!)

We suggest writing a list, or thinking about the activities and must-do’s you want to experience. We’ll then work out a custom itinerary during your briefing, based on the current weather conditions and tides – ensuring the most pleasurable and exciting adventures will be had!

To get you started check out our sample itineraries, and read about the Whitsunday Islands

Suggested Itineraries The Whitsundays

What’s on Board, and What do I Need to Bring?

Bikini drying on lifelines overlooking Whitsunday waters

Your home away from home, that’s how we’d like you to feel while on charter so we have made sure your boat is fully equipped with all the amenities to truly “Live Aboard” comfortably. Similar to a self contained apartment, find all your cutlery/crockery, linen, toilet paper, basic cleaning staples and more, all included with your charter and on board as you step on!

See our inventory for the full list of what’s included and what to bring for easy packing

Inventory: What's Included on the Boat