Changes to use of Credit Card Pre-Authorisation Holds.

Hold times on pre-authorisations are changing. MasterCard® and VISA have rolled out mandatory changes which will see hold times for card holders increase from 7 days to up to 31 days.  Charter Yachts Australia are a Westpac Merchant and suggest you refer to your Banks Website for more information on use of your card.

To streamline the release of any funds held for Security Deposits processed by Charter Yachts Australia at check-in we advise the following:
• Mastercards | VISA Cards: Any pre-authorisations held can be manually processed or released by our staff via our office credit card terminal.

For ease and convenience we suggest one of your crew supply a Mastercard or VISA Card at check-in to process the Security Bond on the vessel;  i.e. $1000 or $3000 for catamaran hire and $2500 or $5000 for yacht hire. This ensures prompt processing and/or release of your Bond after all post charter checks are completed.