Why Own a Bareboat in the Whitsundays?

Owning a bareboat is a unique opportunity to be part of an enviable lifestyle and will reward you with the pleasure of owning your own boat while producing income at the same time.

  • Use of boat for 4 weeks every year outside of peak booking times.  Additional times are available at short notice on a standby basis.
  • Ownership offers you substantial savings on operating costs in comparison to private ownership.
  • Cost effective business advantages in regard to taxation, interest, depreciation, repayments, insurance and operating costs.
  • Potential to earn realistic & achievable returns on your vessel.
  • You have unlimited access to one of the premier and safest cruising grounds in the World, offering you the freedom to explore over 74 Whitsunday islands inside the Great Barrier Reef Marina Park at your own pace.
  • Opportunity to experience some of the best snorkelling, diving and fishing in the world.
  • Your chance to visit world class resorts including Hamilton, Hayman and Daydream Island and located within easy access to mainland townships and airports.
  • Enjoy year round tropical climate for which Queensland is famous for, onboard your own boat.

Relaxing under sail in the Whitsundays on a Charter Yachts Australia bareboat

What We Provide

Our management agreement includes

  • We provide advertising, promotion & marketing of your boat to domestic and international markets.
  • We provide an office and shed facilities at Coral Sea Marina, Airlie Beach in order to conduct sales, greet charterers and to facilitate all aspects of the day to day running of your charter boat.
  • We administer and pay all third party charges on behalf of owner. We provide monthly statements outlining income, expenditure and GST.
  • We provide two-way radio communication to maintain contact with charterers twice daily, 7 days a week.
  • We maintain and co-ordinate daily operations and any breakdown services as required.
  • We supply a valid Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Permit for each vessel to operate in the Whitsunday charter area.
  • We claim a management commission of net charter fees (after agent commissions) for the above services.
  • We pay a balance of funds to owner, less all associated costs. We list estimated costs on income projections, which we can supply on request.

Costs relevant to owner

  • Insurance, annual fees, berthing, repairs and maintenance, annual lift, admin fees.
  • Briefing, cleaning, hull inspections, linen, staples and after charter turnarounds.

We are happy to supply a copy of our Management Agreement and outline of maintenance schedules

Your Taxation Obligations

Option 1. Small Business Model

The Charter Boat Industry now operated under tax ruling TR2003/2004: this ruling can be viewed online at http://law.ato.gov.au/atolaw/view.htm?docid=TXR/TR20034/NAT/ATO/00001

We can refer you to a trusted accountant who has an established relationship with the ATO and offered current & past owners for advice the “business test” and on private ruling classifications.

In summary:

  • The activity is to be operated for commercial reasons and in a commercially viable manner.
  • The investor has a prepared business plan to demonstrate the realistic expectation of profit for the life of the business.
  • The investor is entitled to a GST rebate on the purchase price of vessel.
  • The investor needs to be involved in and demonstrate running of the business and participate in decisions relating to rates, sales, operation & maintenance.
  • The investor has private use of vessel provided they keep records and adjust tax return.
  • Depreciation of up to 30% may be claimed and losses offset against boats income.

Option 2. Passive Business Model

This model of ownership places the vessel in charter without the need for business plans, documentation or owner-involvement required by option 1.

This option is suited to owners who chose or are not in a position to devote time required to run the operation as a business.

  • May combine lifestyle benefits of ownership while covering holding costs of boat ownership through income stream.
  • The ATO will not consider this model as a business and will limit tax benefits.
  • If reasonable expectation for profit can be substantiated, then the boat owner could be entitled for GST registration and eligible for appropriate GST credits on purchase price.
  • All deductions pertaining to this model are effectively “ring fenced” or quarantined and can only be offset against the charter boat income.

Note: The above outline is only our view of the rulings and we highly recommend that you seek your own independent financial advice.

Which Types of Boats Make the Best Bareboats?

Charter Yachts Australia are actively seeking new & quality second-hand charter vessels to replace and add to existing stock. We are more than happy to advise best contacts to approach when seeking purchase of a vessel.

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