Crew List & Experience Form


    I can skipper a bareboat….
  • Although no formal certificates or licenses are required to charter our bareboats, you do require basic boat handling skills. You must be able to demonstrate “common sense” Boat Handling Skills and ability to operate the vessel safely. You must also advise us of any medical conditions which may affect your ability to operate the vessel. Please be ready to start your brief at 08:30 and ready to depart the marina at 10:30am. Any extra tuition required outside of these hours will incur additional charges. Your comprehensive brief on the first day of your charter will cover the following:
    • Operating your vessel, all systems and safety equipment
    • Cruising area, navigation, tides and weather
    • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park rules and regulations
    • Sail and/or drive instruction for you and your crew
    We always recommend extra “hands on training” after your brief to ensure confidence and safety of all crew members.
  • Please advise if extra time is required for: -
    If yes please list detail below:
  • Please indicate your experience and working knowledge of the following, on a scale of 1 – 4

    (1 = no experience / 4 =very experienced)

  • Operating a vessel under power
  • At least one of your crew should be sufficiently competent to take over as skipper in an emergency.
    Who will be your ‘First Mate’ and please describe their relative experience.


  • (if you have children under 4 years old, we require at least 3 other people onboard to ensure 2 people are available to operate the vessel and 1 person to supervise the children at all times )

  • Please list all crew and age of children:
  • CREW NAME: 1

  • CREW NAME: 2

  • CREW NAME: 3

  • CREW NAME: 4

  • CREW NAME: 5

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