Bareboat is the term used to describe a charter vessel (a boat you can hire) that is supplied without a crew. Another way to think of this is a comparison between a taxi (crewed boat) and a rental car (bareboat). A bareboat allows you to sail your own itinerary at your own pace, on your own private yacht or catamaran.

At Charter Yachts Australia we offer a range of bareboat yachts and catamarans to sail the Whitsunday Islands. Our boats cater for groups of between 2 and 10 guests.

Like a Holiday Home or Houseboat

Catamaran "Saloon" Deck

All the comforts of home: The saloon aboard “Dolce Vita” includes a well equipped kitchen and ample room to enjoy a meal around the table while taking in a view of the islands.

All of our boats come supplied with linen, safety equipment, a fully equipped kitchen, snorkelling gear, navigation charts and guides plus a 4 hour introductory brief.

You’ll need to arrange your own food. This makes bareboating a bit like renting a holiday unit that you can move to another beautiful location each day. You might also be familiar with houseboats, which can be found on the flat waters of rivers and lakes around Australia: bareboats offer a similar opportunity designed for sailing in the coastal waters that surround Whitsunday islands where you won’t find ‘houseboats’.

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