Now you are actually here in beautiful Airlie Beach, Queensland… gateway to the wonderful Whitsunday Islands. It’s time to get you ready for your bareboat experience.

Keeping In Contact With us

Bareboat Training in the Whitsundays

Daily Cruising Period & Radio Schedules
Marine Park regulations, dictate vessels to operate from 8am – 4pm daily. It is a requirement, for safety reasons, that you are anchored by 4pm each day.

We conduct twice daily radio schedules (“scheds”) to keep you informed of current weather conditions and log your daily movements and overnight anchorages.

If you would like extra sail training after your brief, an additional half day can be booked @ a rate of $250 per half day, whereby your briefer sails with you to a nearby location like Pioneer Bay before you continue to your first night’s anchorage. Full time Sail Guides can also be booked @ $350 per day if needed.