Blue Pearl Bay

Beach at blue pearl bay

Description Blue Pearl Bay is a popular Snorkel/ Dive location used by many day boats. The water here is deep to deep to anchor, there is limited moorings available. Extreme caution must be used when in your dinghy be on the lookout for swimmers and scuba divers (3 knot speed limit)
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Shelter In North-East to South-East
Moorings Yes there are five available and one small for dinghys
Snorkelling Yes Spectacular, the northern end of the beach has some of the finest corals in islands
Diving Yes
Fishing No (green Zone) Marine National Park
Things of Interest Do not attempt to go through the Langford area when going to Blue Pearl Bay from Hook Island. Not suitable for an overnight location, can get rolly.

A pleasant walk up the hill to Dolphin Point Lookout