Butterfly Bay

Butterfly on a grass tree

Description A great overnight location. Care must be taken when approaching Butterfly Bay, beware of the fringing reef on the western side as it juts out a long way! Anchoring is prohibited here! The Western bay gives the most protection, particularly from swell in North Easterlies.
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Shelter In All except a due North
Moorings Yes there are 12 moorings available
Snorkelling Yes
Diving Yes
Fishing No (Green Zone) Marine National Park
Things of Interest This bay is shaped some what like a butterfly, Coincidentally, colonies of butterflies may be found at times in the moist shade of trees along the creekbeds.The point which separates this anchorage has nice flat elevated rocks for sunbaking.nThe small beach on the western side makes for fascinating exploring. Watch out for stingrays when walking in the shallow water on the sand flats (shuffle your feet).