Chance Bay – Anchorage No2

Description Keep a lookout posted when entering this bay, Check your forecast, this is not a bay to be in if a South-Easterly comes in! Chance bay is a great place to visit in Northerly winds, the walking track to Whitehaven is useful when anchoring at Whitehaven becomes unfavorable due to the northerly/nor-east wind.
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Shelter In North-West to North-East
Moorings No
Snorkelling Yes there is some good snorkelling here on the fringing reef also explore the little islet to the west.
Diving Yes
Fishing Yes (Yellow Zone) Conservation Park
Things of Interest Chance bay consist of two bays with nice sandy beaches. There is a bushwalking track from Chance Bay to Whitehaven Beach 3.6 km one way (2.5 hrs return)