The Sailing Yogi Charters “Dream On” – All Girls Trip

What do you get when one sailor takes her two inexperienced mates out on a yacht? One epic Sailing Yogi adventure!

We recently put the Sailing Yogi, Ashleigh Clarke, to the ultimate bareboat test. Can one semi-experienced boatie (her words, we think she’s pretty good!) and her two never-sailed-before crew successfully charter a boat by themselves around the Whitsundays? The answer was yes, of course they can!

The adventures captured on this 3 day charter will be sure to have you laughing and crying all at the same time. If you ever thought bareboating was only for experienced sailors, the below video blog is sure to diminish any doubts you may have had. Check out all the shenanigans the 3 ladies got up to while sailing the beautiful Jeanneau 39 “Dream On”.


Dream On
Ed the Brifer
Laughing on deck
Sunset on Dream On
Dream On moored at Langford Island

Find out more about The Sailing Yogi & her Whitsunday adventures, including episode 2 of her “All Girls Sailing Adventure” on “Dream On”.

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