Whales in the Whitsundays 2017 – Our favourite moments!

hey came, they saw, they splashed…

Whale season in the Whitsundays has not disappointed with charterers reporting sightings on a daily basis. Some were lucky enough to have close up encounters, while others enjoyed their performance of water acrobats from afar. Here are some of our favourite moments..

Whales visit Two Keel A

Charterers on “Two Keel A” enjoy an early morning performance from this young whale showing off his new breaching skills.

Rainbows & Whales

While this guy may not have all the tricks, we think creating your own rainbow with your blow hole is pretty magnificent & impressive!

Two Fins by @jodilouise_xx

These two playful whales showed off their synchronised swimming talents while cruising the Whitsundays. We give them a 10/10!

Up close & personal by @b_rad_day

The great whale baby boom! Mum & bub enjoying the warm tropical waters of the Whitsundays. Our location in the tropics & calm seas protected by the Great Barrier Reef make the Whitsundays a perfect delivery room!

Whale at sunset by @gbrmarinepark

Sunsets, whales breaching and the islands as your backdrop. What more could you want?

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