Pinnacle Bay

pinnacle bay hook island

Description Beautiful snorkeling and diving on the most western side, great reef & home to hundreds of yellow tailed fusilers, damsel fish, parrot fish, tusk fish and many others. 3 large napoleon wrasses venture in there quite often, know to the locals as George, Georgina and Georgette! There is a mass of rock on the western side that does resemble a massive wood pile.
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Shelter In very light conditions
Moorings Yes there are two moorings here. Both have easy access to the coral.
Snorkelling Great snorkelling here. Off the southern mooring towards the lighthouse is some large areas of staghorn coral. Beware of the tide in front of the woodpile towards the point since during tide changes the current here can be quite strong. Manta rays are spotted here.
Diving There is a great dive along the woodpile here. It goes down to about 25 metres with overhangs and directly below the large stone protruding from the wall there is a cave that you can dive through.
Fishing No (Green Zone) Marine National Park
Things of Interest Take a look towards the point this is known as the woodpile. The formation looks like a pile of wood!

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