Sailing Itinerary – Northerly Wind

wind directionThis itinerary is subject to weather conditions, the chosen anchorages are suitable for winds North/North East – 10 to 15 Knots.

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The Whitsunday Islands offer plenty of anchorages to choose from, no matter which direction the wind blows you’ll usually be able to find a comfortable sheltered place to stay. This itinerary is suitable for the less frequent northerly winds which tend to blow during the summer months.


Day 1

Coral Sea Marina → Macona Inlet


After your introductory briefing: departing Coral Sea Marina it’s a short 2.5 – 3 hour sail past Pioneer Point and across the Whitsunday Passage to your first nights destination at Macona Inlet on Hook Island.

Motor down the long fjord like bay for your overnight anchorage. The surrounding hills are covered with Hoop Pines, also known as Queensland pines, these only grow in bi-seasonal rainforest areas of Australia and New Guinea.

There is a small sandy beach to explore to the north of the anchorage and fishing is permitted.


Whitsunday sunset

Day 2

Macona Inlet → Bali Hai (Black Island) → Stonehaven


Sail eastwards passing Nara Inlet (a bay similar to Macona) then head north along Hook Island towards Bali Hai (Black Island). Take care navigating the waters in this area following only the passages marked on the navigation charts.

Bali Hai is a tiny little island with a partly sandy shore, picnic area and some good introductory snorkeling in shallow waters. There is plenty of time to enjoy the marine life and the beach; your evening anchorage at Stonehaven is only about 30 minutes away.

The sunsets at Stonehaven are spectacular.

black island

Day 3

Stonehaven → Saba Bay


Sail south then east around Hook island and through Hook Passage to take the sheltered route to Saba Bay which on the opposite side of Hook Island from Stonehaven. On the way take in the magnificent contours and headlands on the eastern side of Hook Island.

Once anchored in Saba bay you will find some more lovely snorkeling locations, caves to explore and fishing is permitted (Yellow Zone).

corals and clams

Day 4

Saba Bay → Cid Harbour


Sail back through the Hook passage between Hook and Whitsunday Island then head to Cid Harbour – Dugong Inlet where you will spend the rest of the day.

Cid Harbour on Whitsunday Island is a very large harbour and is one of the all weather anchorages in the area. With several sand beaches and a 1.5 km walking track from Sawmill to Dugong beach, this is a very pleasant way to spend the day just relaxing. For those that are a little more energetic take the walk to Whitsunday Peak for a panoramic view.

A walking track from Sawmill beach leads to the summit of Whitsunday Peak. The track is a strenuous 2.5km (437m climb) so take plenty of water, ankle supporting footwear is recommended as part of the walk is along a dry creek bed, 4 hour round trip. Alternatively the start of the walk can also be accessed from the closer Dugong Beach which has an easy grade 1.5km trail that takes you around the point to Sawmill beach.

cid island area

Day 5

Cid Harbour → Hamilton Island


Take in the views as you make your way south passing Henning Island en-route to Hamilton Island Marina. Fill up with water, provisions and let someone else do the cooking! There are plenty of things to do on Hamilton Island.

Hamilton Island is a modern resort Island with a village that has all the essentials-bakery, bottle shop, general store, chemist, local art, fashion and plenty of restaurants to choose from. Hire a golf buggy to explore the island and end your day by watching a glorious sunset from the lookout.

Hamilton Island

Day 6

Hamilton Island → Plantation Bay (Lindeman Island)


Leave civilization in your wake and head off in search of solitude on Lindeman Island. Spend a leisurely day sailing past Boat Port and Gap Beach on the north of the island to arrive at Plantation Bay on the south side of Lindeman.

Once anchored for the night the sandy beach is yours to explore, the island also features plenty of bush walking.

Enjoy the unspoiled natural beauty of the surrounds. Sit back for the evening soaking up the peace and quiet.


Day 7

Lindeman Island → Chance Bay


Approx 2 hours sail from Plantation bay is Chance Bay. This pretty double bay comes into it’s own during northerly conditions. A 3.6km bush walking track leads to Whitehaven beach with a lookout along the way.

Dependent on the wind conditions it might be a good idea to take a picnic lunch and explore Whitehaven this afternoon. You’ll sail past Whitehaven tomorrow but in a moderate nor-east wind anchorage could be decidedly bumpy!

Whitehaven beach is a must see with more than 5 kilometers of sparkling white sand made up of 98% silica a legacy of a geologic era when the sea level was lower. Take a walk up the beach and the only sound you hear is the sand that squeaks beneath your feet and the gently breaking waves. There are no resorts, no buildings, just natural beauty.

whitehaven beach

Day 8

Chance Bay → Nara Inlet


There is a lot to see today as you sail through the Solway Passage to some of the Whitsundays most iconic locations.

Depending on the conditions you can anchor at Whitehaven or continue on to Tongue Bay, Hill Inlet and Tongue Point are located between the two. If at Whitehaven (North) take the tender to Bettys Beach or Lookout Beach on Tongue Point, if at Tongue Bay and the tide permits you can take the tender to the beach on the north side of Tongue Point or take the tender around the point.  A footpath over the point leads from either side to a walking track that accesses the viewing platform overlooking Hill Inlet. Once ashore it is around 650 meters to the platform lookout with a magnificent view straight into Hill Inlet where the sands just beneath the water swirl to give incredible contrast.

Sail north following the coastline of Whitsunday Island, passing Dumbell Island and through the Hook Passage once more to Nara Inlet.

hill inlet

Day 9

Nara Inlet → Daydream Island


Enjoy a leisurely breakfast then make your away south west towards the Molle Islands. Daydream Island for your final night on the water.

There is plenty to do on Daydream, A Rejuvenation Spa, Restaurants and Cafes, “The Living Reef”, rainforest walks, tennis, mini golf and lots of family friendly activities plus an open air cinema.

Daydream island

Day 10

Daydream Island → Coral Sea Marina


It’s less than two hours sail from Daydream to return to Charter Yachts Australia base at Coral Sea Marina.



Create Your Own Adventure

You can shorten or extend this route to create the perfect holiday for you.

Use our Whitsunday Anchorage Guide to help you plan the things you want to see and do during your sailing trip to the Whitsunday Islands.


abell point marina


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