5 Ways September Woos Us Every Year

Charter Yacht Australia's Divocean Catamaran anchored at Whitehaven Beach

Why does September impress us (even as locals!) and charterers alike each year? Here’s why…

Footsteps to heaven


We don’t like to be bias, BUT September is what tropical paradise dreams are made of. Blue skies for days on end, perfect temperature being not too hot/not too cold both in the air and the water and sunshine, sunshine, sunshine. You’ll likely find yourself saying by the end of your charter ‘Ugh, another beautifully perfect day’

Coral Sea Marina

2.  The village buzzes like bees

With September offering up a peak time to travel to the Whitsundays, Airlie Beach & Abell Point Marina buzz with people from all corners of Australia and the world. Meet folks from every place under the sun, enjoy the hum of live music bursting out from restaurants and get amongst the many events taking place around this time of year

Whales In the Whitsundays

3.  Our mates, the migrating Whales, stop by on their way home

Heading back home after their trek to warmer waters you’ll still have the chance to see these big & beautiful creatures up close as the cruise through the islands on their way down south. And what better way to see them but from your own boat! Pour yourself a drink, sit back & enjoy the water show these friendly whales are known for putting on for charterers.

Satori Sailing

4. Everyone wins with these sailing conditions

If your crew is made up of some that think they could tackle the Sydney to Hobart and others that would struggle to paddle across a pond, then September serves up the goods for all. Winds stick to a regular 10-15 knots from the south east, meaning nice flat waters and calm protection when staying close to the islands. However, should you wish ‘send it’ you’ll want to sail out to open waters like the east side of hook island for a good ‘yacht’ that will surely satisfy any keen sailor without scaring off the novices!

Divocean Whitehaven Beach

5.  See 50 Shades of Blue (ocean that is)

Yes, the water in the above picture really does look like that. Get the full colour wheel of blues in September. Explore light aqua shallows of Hill Inlet to deep turquoise blues of Luncheon Bay when you dive in for a snorkel – the water shimmers in the September sun and radiates blues from the sky to the sea this time of year.

Chance Bay

If September has now wooed you too, get in touch today for a quote & availability.  This month does fill up early so to secure your preferred boat we recommend booking 9 – 12 months in advance.

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