Cid Harbour Update

Cid Harbour No Swim Area Shark Safety

Charter Yachts Australia ultimate focus is for our guests safety & the health of The Great Barrier Reef.

We are working with Department of Agriculture & Fisheries, as a result of recent shark attacks in the Region. This has highlighted the need for research to guide shark management planning. A “no swim” area is now created around Cid Harbour and we strongly support the signage and messaging being relayed.

In addition we are in consultation with marine experts from the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) and James Cook University (JCU) to understand shark populations, distribution and behaviour around the Whitsundays. From these discussions, a knowledge gap has been identified, in that there is limited qualitative data in the Whitsundays.

We do not currently use the electronic shark deterrent devices. Our management team are investigating options and undertaking risk assessments on all available products however most of which have not yet been tested or approved in QLD waters or in combination with charter vessel usage.

Independent research has shown the use of electronic devices could provide a false sense of security and put our guests at greater risk (for example ignoring the basic safety advice given) and are also not proven to be 100% affective.

Whilst the State Government and Fisheries Department undertake scientific research, we continue to educate and advise clients on safe practices when enjoying The Whitsundays Marine Park.

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