6 Reasons To Love The Great Barrier Reef

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Amazingly beautiful, outstanding in diversity and right on your door step when you charter a boat with Charter Yachts Australia. If you needed more of a reason to fall in love, then read on…

1.  Big Is Beautiful

Greater in size than the UK, Holland and Switzerland combined. Stretching over 2600 kilometre, with over 900 islands (74 of them found in the Whitsundays!) – It’s so big you can see it from outer space!

2.  Home Is Where The Heart (Or Shell) Is

Calling the Great Barrier Reef home at different times of the year are 30 types of whales, dolphins and porpoises, 6 types of turtles, 215 species of birds, 1500 fish species AND a partridge in a pear tree… no, we’re kidding, but there are 330 species of Ascidians also living here.

3.  Milestone & Events Galore

Believe it or not, the reef even has its own events calendar! Yep, that’s right, it’s a jammed packed year for the reef. Between December – February see turtles nesting and hatching, March to May is birthing season for the Black Tip Reef sharks, June to July we welcome the Humpback whales and over a few nights between October and November see the magic that is coral spawning.

4. It’s Fragile, But Not Broken

The Great Barrier Reef has some of the strictest regulations in place to ensure protection & conservation of this beautiful living organism. Formed in 1975, the Great Barrier Reef Marina Park Authority has been keeping a close eye on the reef and all the activities to ensure it’s here for future generations enjoy, including ongoing monitoring, research and action plans. So when you’re wondering why there is a small fee to pay when you visit the reef, that’s why. It’s all going towards protecting the reef to keep her healthy and pristine – therefore the more you visit, the more funding and protection the reef gets!

5. It’s A Natural Wonder

The Great Barrier Reef can proudly call itself one  of the 7 natural wonders of the world!  Its’s a pretty impressive feat when you’re included on a list of only 7 right? This big beauty is one for the bucket list and with so many activities to enjoy here swim, snorkel, dive, swim, sail, fly and island hop your way through the Great Barrier Reef! It’s about creating your own adventure.

6. Everyone Is Welcome

Because anyone can discover the reef! The fringing reefs found around the Whitsunday Islands offer some of the best quality coral reefs and an abundance of marine life. And the best part? The easy accessibility to it! Hire a Charter Yachts Australia boat and you can snorkel, sail, swim, kayak, stand up paddle board the Great Barrier Reef all from your very own boat!