Which Boat To Choose? Let’s Make It Easy!

Choosing the right boat is one of the most important decisions when charter planning, but it can be confusing with all the options available if you’re not a seasoned boatie. Let us help you find the perfect boat by first explaining the differences & advantages of each type of boat in our fleet…

Sailing Yachts

Sailing Yachts

Charter Yachts Australia has a fleet of modern yachts which have been designed to make sailing as easy as possible. All lines (ropes) lead back to the cockpit, allowing the yachts to be easily sailed with minimal crew. Our yachts also feature gimballed stoves, lockable fridges/freezers and cupboards to make cooking under way that little bit easier.

  • Sailing performance compared to catamarans will generally be faster and with more ease of trimming sails and tacking/jibbing.
  • Due to their speed under sail, use of the motor can be minimal if sailing conditions are right. Kick back and enjoy hearing only breeze in your sails while under way.
  • Yachts will tilt (heel) to one side while sailing due to their v-shaped hull. A great adventure getting around the islands under sail, however if chartering with children or people with limited mobility, consider this when choosing between a catamaran and yacht.
  • Because of their keels, yachts extend deep below the surface of the water – sometimes two metres. This makes them cruise smoother through the water when underway. They will also sail closer to the wind making it easier to tack/jibe
  • Some prior sail handling is required to charter our sailing yachts. But don’t despair if you’re not a pro yet, Charter Yachts Australia welcomes novice sailors to try the yachts & offers additional sailing tuition on the day (for a small fee) and/or can recommend a sailing school prior to chartering.
Sailing Yachts
Sailing Catamarans

Sailing Catamarans

Enjoy the best of both worlds, with the option to sail or motor around at an efficient speed. Being more stable than sailing yachts as they don’t heel or lean over when under sail, this can be a bonus for families with small children or people with restricted mobility who would still like to enjoy the thrill of sailing.

  • Catamarans are much more stable at anchor with a more fluid movement as their hulls sit shallow in the water (compared to the deep hulls of yachts)
  • Catamarans are much wider than the yachts and therefore provide enormous aft cockpits which follow through to the saloon area. For those new to boating or not so acclimatised to the Whitsunday’s tropical climate this is an enormous plus because of the airflow created throughout the boat (a natural air conditioner if you like!), along with providing easy access from inside to outside and spacious outside entertaining areas.
  • Some of our catamarans feature “up” galleys, meaning they are on water level rather than in the hulls – great for those that don’t want to miss out on the action while preparing meals!
  • Better suited to large groups as more “living areas” are available to spread out and retreat to – including back cockpit area, front deck/trampolines, inside saloon and two hulls to accommodate sleeping quarters.
Sailing Catamarans
Power Catamarans

Power Catamarans

Great for families and groups or those that want a cruisy & relaxing charter with sailing taking a backseat to comfort and speed around the islands.

  • A Power Catamaran will get you around the islands in no time at all with average speeds under power of 8-10 knots. See more and enjoy it for longer knowing your next passage isn’t susceptible to the wind conditions.
  • No sails mean a cleaner & more spacious deck without having to jump over ropes, duck for the boom or worry about pulling out and packing away sails.
  • More space for all! The addition of the flybridge featured on all our power catamarans mean you have an extra deck to relax on. Great for those chartering with kids, allowing for a kids deck and parents retreat!
  • Fishing enthusiast will love our power catamarans, with their spacious back deck & flybridge for viewing, multiple rod holders and outside eskies for easy storing of all your catches.
Power Catamarans