The Best Way to See The Whitsundays by The Sailing Yogi

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Back in November we set our friend Ashleigh Clarke a.k.a. the Sailing Yogi a mission – show the world why bareboating is the only way you should be experiencing the Whitsundays.

True to form and with her fun and willing crew in tow, she took our brand-new Lucia 40 ‘Mandala’ for spin around the islands. Here’s what they got up to & why bareboating is the only way you should ‘do’ the Whitsundays for the ultimate sailing adventure.

The Sailing Yogi 'Mandala'

Words & Images by The Sailing Yogi

1. relating to or denoting a boat or ship hired without a crew.
“bareboat charters”

There are many ways to see the Whitsunday Islands but none come close to bareboating with Charter Yachts Australia. It is by far one of the most unique, rewarding and fun ways to enjoy the countless bays and beaches of the Whitsunday group. The term bareboating basically equates to ‘boat hire’, similar to the way you would hire a car or caravan, except in the Whitsunday’s you do not need any marine qualifications, just some basic boating experience, and if you don’t have that they have sail guides available to get you up to speed before heading out. After a comprehensive area and boat brief you can go on your merry way to enjoy your holiday at a leisurely and relaxing pace. It’s absolutely amazing.

The Sailing Yogi Charters 'Mandala'

Just you and your crew.

By crew I mean the friends and family you have on board with you. We all feel more comfortable and at ease when surrounded by people we know and love, so it makes sense that bareboating with just your friends and family would be one of the highlights of the holiday!

The Sailing Yogi Charters 'Mandala'

Sail where you want, when you want.

The beauty of bareboating is you have the luxury of time. You aren’t trying to cram all the sights and experiences into one or two days. Instead, you get to take it slow, explore and soak it all up without feeling rushed.

The Sailing Yog charters 'Mandala'

Eat, drink and be merry

Along with setting your own pace and itinerary you get to choose when to eat and what you would like! Cooking in a galley is fun and social, and with local catering companies it makes the whole process of provisioning the boat so easy!

The Sailing Yogi charters 'Mandala'

Snorkel off the back of the boat

Take the tender to shore, swim to the many reefs hugging the coastline, float around off the back of the boat, hire paddleboards, do backflips from the bow, enjoy the boat in any way you like! The list is endless and there’s no-one to make up a reason why you can’t do it.

The Sailing Yogi charters 'Mandala'

Enjoy the longer walks around the islands

This is actually a major plus. There are some epic walks around the islands but they require more time than an average sailing trip allows, making walking to an impressive lookout one of the perfect bareboating activities. Two of my favourites are the Cairn walk and Whitsunday Peak, both on Whitsunday Island.

The Sailing Yogi charters 'Mandala'
The Sailing Yogi charters 'Mandala'

About ‘The Sailing Yogi’ Ashleigh Clarke 

Ashleigh Clarke, the ‘Sailing Yogi’, was born & raised in the Whitsundays. As a fully qualified yoga teacher & avid sailor she channelled these two loves into @thesailingyogi, launched in 2016. Since then she has garnered a world reaching following for her creative, aesthetically pleasing content and unique voice, documenting her adventures at sea and in the yoga studio.

Get inspired to sail off into the sunset while doing a downward dog by visiting the Sailing Yogi website for more from her blog, videos & Instagram.

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